McCrossin's Flour Mill c1870 Salisbury St

Built by Alexander Mitchell for John McCrossin. The ground floor walls and verandah footings are constructed of Uralla granite laid in neat rubble courses on huge granite block foundations. The first and second storeys are of red brick and lime mortar. In 1979 the Uralla Historical Society was formed to buy the derelict building, restore it, and convert it to a vibrant museum and function centre. In 1983, visionary architect Peter Myers was awarded the Royal Australian Institute Of Architects' NSW Restoration Award for his work at McCrossin's Mill. A series of nine dramatic paintings, "The Death of Thunderbolt," occupies the ground floor. The museum upstairs is renowned for its empathic, humorous and even bizarre exhibitions. Its collection of Chinese artefacts from the Rocky River goldfields is of national significance. Walk around the back to the Mill's magical gardens. Many locals once believed the "Old Mill" to be haunted. Now it is hauntingly beautiful.
The Garden at Rear of McCrossin's  Mill

Some of the exhibits in the museum at McCrossin's Mill