2. McCrossin's Chaff Cutting Shed, 1881, Salisbury Street

Built by John McCrossin, the shed harnessed power from the Mill's steam engine. Uralla Historical Society completed this restoration in 2004. The project was a winner at the prestigious Energy Australia/National Trust Heritage Awards in Sydney in 2005. Now part of the museum complex, entry is via McCrossin's Mill.


3. McCrossin's Stables/Store, c.1878, Salisbury Street

Constructed of local Uralla red brick and lime mortar. The ends of the loft's huge adzed floor joists are protruding through the brickwork where the front awning once stood on the western wall. Owned and restored by Uralla Historical Society, this building won the 1998 New England Heritage And Urban Design Awards "Restoration" section, and als the "Interior Fitout" section. Wander nto the courtyard garden, called Felicity Forrest" after the donor of the birch rees, but don't nick all the srawberries.