26 Shop, 1920's, Bridge Street

Quaint gabled weatherboard building with awning, recently re-posted, the first building in the main street to have posts reinstalled. Ironically, the posts were erected by the youngest son of the builder who removed Uralla's main street verandah posts in the 1950s because the consensus was that they were "damaging cars"!


27 Clays House ,
1881, Bridge Street

Built by Mr. Dangar of Gostwyck Station as a retirement home for one of his most esteemed workers, Mr Phillip Post. The building features colonial bond brickwork upon a rubble basalt foundation. The verandah aligns the footpath, and the tuckpointing on the front wall has been painted on. Note the lovely glazed cedar door on the left. A detached brick kitchen at the rear contains a cast-iron bread oven. A private residence.


45 ~ Salvation Army Citadel, 1872, Bridge Street

Built for the Sons and Daughters of Temperance Lodge. The woodwork is by Murray and McCrossin and stonework by Maurice Carroll. An amazing palette of materials. brick, coursed and uncoursed, granite and basalt and random rubble walls. Used by the "Blood & Fire" Salvation Army from June 1887 until the blood thinned and the fire dwindled in 2002. Now privately owned.