Uralla Courthouse, 1885, Hill Street

During its construction, when the proportions became visible, one correspondent to the local newspaper likened the structure to the "Taj Mahal... a lonely shrine - stark in appearance." The entrance steps, beneath the imposing high-arched Victorian portico, are fine examples of Uralla granite. Note the stables building at rear.


22. Store 1890 Hill Street

Constructed using Uralla red brick for Mrs Elizabeth Cooper. First leased by J. Watts and used as a roller skating rink (note the small ticket-seller's window in the eastern wall) and later by Obadiah Carter as a general store. The original awning and posts have been removed, but not, as rumour has it, by wayward skaters.


21. Uralla Post Office,

1885, Hill Street

Built by Mr Edward Scanlon. The western
verandah was later enclosed to accommodate the telephone exchange, yesterdays equivalent of talk-back radio.