47 ~ "Goddard Cottage", c .l860, Queen Street

The building facing the street was originally sited with its verandah aligned to the footpath of what was then the Main Northern Road. Uralla's oldest existing cottage, it had deteriorated to a condition of being unfit for human habitation. In 1988, it was carefully dismantled by Kent Mayo, then rebuilt on piers. The boundaries of the present front lawn are formed by the huge adzed tree trunks that were the original footings for this quaint cottage. The other structure is an 1880s "kit home", relocated from a rural property by architect Peter Myers in 1980. Henry Sheldon Goddard, who came to Uralla to install the machinery in McCrossin's Mill, lived here for a time. Note the original street gutters made of columnar basalt from Mt Beef.

48. 31 Queen Street, c. 1880

Humble Victorian cottage in almost original condition, consisting of one bedroom, parlour, and kitchen. Built close to the street to avoid the watercourse at the rear.